The 2012 mummy project could not have been done without collaboration and the contributions of a multitude of talented people.  Best attempts were made to keep track of everyone and any omissions are sincerely unintentional.  As more research is completed additional partners will be added so stay tuned for more information coming out in the next year!

OHS staff and volunteers
Jerolyn Barbee, David Barker, Chris Buchanan, Lynn Dotson, Sharon Dean, Jamie Glavic, Mark Holbrook, Charlie Jarvis, Tom Kindell, Stacia Kuceyeski, Kevin Latta, Brad Lepper, Keith Manecke, Tom Moosbrugger, Elizabeth Nelson, Angela O’Neal, Linda Pansing, Maria Pease, Bill Pickard, Ty Pierce, Cristina Rose, Matt Schullek, Juli Six, Fred Smith, Shannon Thomas, Jim Walker and Cameron Wood.

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center staff
Sylvia Bellinger, Dr. William Bennett, M.D., Gina Bericchia, Jim Brown, Gabriel Chiappone, Jeannie Danker, Ronda Kelly, Dr. Mark King, M.D., Bruce Lauer, Rick Layman, Darlene Meeks, Dr. Xuan Nguyen, M.D., Dr. Alan Rogers, M.D., Cynthia Watkins, Dr. Richard White, M.D., and Dr. Joseph Yu, M.D..

Independent Researcher - Egyptologist
Dr. Cynthia May Sheikholeslami

The Ohio State University
Dr. Kathryn Jakes, Professor, Consumer Sciences, College of Education and Human Ecology
Alexandra Keenan-Krilevich, Certified Forensic Facial Reconstructionist

Case Western Reserve University
Mallory Busso and Dr. David Dean

The Technology House
Mark Horner

Bloomsburg University – Anthropology Department-Paleoethnobotonist
Dr. DeeAnne Wymer

Schoedinger Funeral and Cremation Services –Professional transportation
Randy Schoedinger

Ancient Egyptian Inspired Beer Creators
Barley’s Smokehouse and Brewpub, Leonard Kolada
The Actual Brewing Company
North High Brewing