In Memoriam

In Memoriam 

Cynthia Chester 
Ohio Historical Society Board of Trustees Member 
Cynthia Chester was known as a devoted supporter of her community and state. As an integral member of the Board of Trustees at the Ohio History Connection, and a member of many other local and regional boards, Mrs. Chester tirelessly advocated for Ohio’s heritage and its citizens. Family and friends recall happy memories of Mrs. Chester hosting family Sunday dinners, attending her grandchildren's activities, gardening, playing tennis, golf, and bridge, and being in the company of her many friends. 

John J. Chester 
Ohio History Connection Board of Trustees 
Member and Former Board President 
As a dedicated Columbus lawyer and community leader, John “Jack” Chester’s commitment to public service was unwavering. As a former OHS Board president and a long-term member of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Chester has left an indelible mark on the character and culture of OHS. In addition to his long list of public and professional achievements, Mr. Chester loved his family, fast cars, and relaxing vacations in Northern Michigan. 

Edna Diggs 
Interim Director, National Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center 
Edna Diggs is remembered as a gifted curator and exhibit designer. She served as Interim Director of the Museum until the time of her death. Ms. Diggs was integral to crafting and promoting the exhibits in the Museum that showcased the political, entrepreneurial and artistic achievements of African Americans. A graduate of Denison University and The Ohio State University, Ms. Diggs’ professional career represents her commitment to Ohio’s institutions, history, and people. 

Rex E. Haecker 
Ohio History Connection Board of Trustees 
Former President, Treasurer, and Member 
Rex Haecker’s talent and passion for business and finance defined his memorable professional career. When Mr. Haecker became the president of Ohio Historical Society’s Board of Trustees in 1979, he brought his financial expertise as well as his excitement for OHS’s mission, describing OHS’s historical sites as “some of Ohio’s best in-state entertainment.” As a true steward of state and local history, Mr. Haecker was also a member of numerous other historical societies, from the Sons of the American Revolution to the Pickaway County Historical Society. 

Phillip Shriver 
Former President of the Ohio History Connection 
Mr. Shriver’s professional life was defined by his passion for history. Colleagues, friends, family, and former Miami University students will remember Mr. Shiver first and foremost as an accomplished and popular teacher. In addition to serving as president of the Ohio Historical Society, Mr. Shriver taught for 52 years and served as president of Miami University for 16 years. Throughout his numerous administrative appointments, Mr. Shriver continued to display his zeal for history and historical scholarship by authoring or co-authoring seven books and more than 200 articles.