Annual Report 2011

Welcome to the Fiscal Year 2011 Annual Report for the Ohio Historical Society

This year, to spotlight the advances of technology, this Annual Report was created first as an online document and secondly as a “hard copy” document. By reading and enjoying the Report online, you will benefit from the embedded links and videos selected to enhance the depth of content as you review fiscal year 2011 at the Ohio History Connection. You may view this Annual Report PDF by clicking here. (Requires Acrobat Reader)

As the Society sets a course to engage new audiences and to spark an interest in Ohio history with an emphasis not only on facilitating learning, but on developing lifelong enthusiasts for history, it is becoming better at harnessing the efficiencies and the boundless resources available through technology. Additionally, technology will allow the Society to consider new revenue streams as well as new streams of conversations and scholarship.

The Society continues to promote its online presence and its digital technology. For instance, photography and filming were used to create, disseminate and manage the Society’s new Ohio as America online social studies/history textbook. The e-Textbook will be available to all fourth grade classrooms in Ohio in the fall of 2011. Other technological solutions are discussed in greater detail within this report. Although many functions will always be handled in a “low-tech” face-to-face manner, technology allows the Society to expand the reach and richness of its message to a global audience—whether through social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, email transmissions, digital collections online, or by offering more options to donate and broadening the footprint of memberships to enthusiasts wherever they reside or browse the Internet.